Sarah of Bailey Road in Montpelier holds the sign to her new store out on the sidewalk amid snowbanks

For many businesses, the holiday season is preceded by the delicious gift of a few weeks to breathe, and plan to maximize another round of sales. Are you ready?

  1. Plan: Make a December/January (yes, January, especially if you sell gift cards!) marketing calendar with a plan for social posts, promotions, email marketing and customer outreach like special events or window displays.
  2. Partner: From in-store demos to online promotions, cooperative radio or newspaper advertising to value-added farm products, partner with other businesses for visibility, new audiences, to maximize sales, and to share in everyone’s success.
  3. Perception and Positioning: It might be a good time to switch up your messages, add a new paragraph to your story, try a new promotion, offer an in-store activity – without changing too much. If you’ve always done it that way, why not try something different?

Last but not least, Play: don’t forget to have some fun this holiday season, and surround yourself with the love and energy of friends, family and supporters. It’s your holiday, too!

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