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Do you sometimes feel awash in a sea of to-do lists, wishing you could work more on your
business rather than in it? Here are three tips to work smarter, not harder.

  1. Strategy before Tactics: Speaking tactically is so much fun… we could have an event!
    We could order these cool widgets to give away! We could do a social media campaign!
    But wait. Before you define the means you will use to reach your goal, you need to
    know what the goal is. What are you trying to do, who are you trying to reach, with
    what message, and where will you find your customers?
  2. Integration: Use your website as the one-stop hub of all your marketing efforts. Have
    social media channels? Place clickable icons to those pages on your website. Publish an
    enews? Archive older issues on your website. Have a blog or great new photos? Post an
    image and a quote on social media and offer a link to the full page on your website.
  3. Content: Content is king, they say… if you deploy it effectively. When you have
    something to say, make sure people can find it in a number of different ways. Same
    yourself time and money by re-purposing content online, in printed collateral, on social
    channels, and even in advertisements. Most of the time, there’s no need to start from

With just a few tips and some planning ahead, you’ll spend more of your valuable time working
on your business, rather than in it.

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