Attractive young man smiling in brown t-shirt in his Renoun ski design workshop
What if your skis hardened on ice, and softened when slicing through powder? When Cyrus Schenck launched his plan to build the world’s best performance skis, he gave himself one rule: break them. Specializing in skis that can adapt to the many varieties of conditions skiers face, Cyrus uses Community Capital funds to buy materials to make, well… as he says, “tons of skis.” Cyrus chose Community Capital because of flexible payment schedules and the organization’s support of his vision for rapid growth. Community Capital’s check-ins are fun and easy, and he enjoys the visit, he says… but most of all he loves that he is an active part of restoring Vermont’s reputation as the HQ for successful ski companies while providing Vermonters with income and resources to get outside and enjoy our awesome state. With a passion for design, a deep appreciation of simplified engineering, and a love for speed, seeing others just crushing it – on or off-mountain – is Cyrus’s biggest inspiration.