Long time Central Vermont resident Alex Rob comes to Community Capital with a background in financial and human services. For the past five years, he has been the Executive Director of Community Connections, the largest provider of childcare in Washington County.


Alex has dedicated his career to supporting families and small businesses, and notes that Vermont’s small business entrepreneurs create opportunities for self-employment and new jobs: “They are critical to the health of rural communities, and employers and employees alike are the foundation of a vibrant economy.”  He has worked in a range of positions, including financial analysis and securities, and has a variety of skills including outreach, communication and building relationships.

Ela Chapin, president of the Community Capital board of directors, stated that the organization is fortunate to have the benefit of Alex Rob’s experience and perspective, having run a nonprofit organization as well as his own small business. She also noted that, through his volunteer work, he “has been and continues to be committed to growing Vermont’s economy and contributing to local community.”

Alex holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago. With interests in skating, hockey, hiking and biking, he is an officer and coach for the Central Vermont Skating Association and Secretary of the East Montpelier Recreation Board.
He may be reached at arob@communitycapitalvt.org or 802-479-0167.

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