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Community Capital provides flexible business financing to people interested in starting or growing small businesses in Vermont. We work with diverse partners to strengthen downtowns and our rural economy by providing loans and business support to women, people with limited credit or collateral, and low-to-moderate income entrepreneurs.

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Community Capital offers no-cost pre- and post-loan support to help you navigate business challenges. From the time our borrowers anticipate receiving a loan, until they sell or transfer your business, our Business Advisors can help design actionable, customized plans and attainable goals to improve the viability and profitability of their businesses.

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Community Capital of Vermont

Community Capital of Vermont

Investing in entrepreneurs by providing financing for startups and small businesses in Vermont.

Community Capital borrow Bailey Road in Montpelier donated a great variety of dresses to the Family Center for their clients who are moms, and donated $350 at the same time. Way to go Bailey Road!The Family Center is happy to be the beneficiary of Bailey Road’s first ever Dress Drive. Women brought in pre-loved dresses from their closets that they were ready to part with to Bailey Road and receive a coupon for $10 off of a new dress. All of the generous dress donations were brought to the Family Center and made available to moms we work with. The Family Center also received a check for $350, 10% of all dress sales during the drive. We hope to see this event continue in the coming years. Thanks to owner Sarah DeFelice and Tawnya Kristen of Green Mountain United Way for this wonderful opportunity. Bailey Road is located at 75 Main Street in Downtown Montpelier.Pictured below, left to right: Heidi Austin, Claire Kendall, Gwen Schuyler, Briana Gibbs, and from Bailey Road, Sarah DeFelice and Dale Schaft. See MoreSee Less
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Sometimes, it’s hard. Changed and rearranged: words of wisdom from Community Capital borrower ZPOTS in Brattleboro.sometimes….it’s hard! and trusting the process of being undone…to rearrange…is no simple task…#ZPOTS #trust #love #process #zpots_love See MoreSee Less
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Community Capital of Vermont’s mission is to help small businesses and lower income entrepreneurs prosper through the provision of flexible business financing.

“Community Capital made me feel that my company was more than just a business — they could back my deep convictions. Their support of my endeavor from the beginning, through construction, opening and beyond has been exemplary and beyond anything I could have asked for. They continue to make a dream come true for my family.”

-Sarita Khan, Vermont Salt Cave, Montgomery Center