Financing for Vermont Businesses

Flexible Financing, Pre- and Post-Loan Support

Community Capital offers flexibility in financing, including seasonal repayments and lines of credit and interest-only loans that defer payment of the principal of a loan. Our loan terms are always shorter than seven years. We work with a variety of institutions to deliver business capital, including federal agencies, banks, other financers and town revolving loan funds. The loan process is comprised of five phases: inquiry, application, closing, post-loan advising, and repayment. We can also provide pre-loan advising, either ourselves or through our many partners. When you borrow from Community Capital, we want to work with you as your business grows, through our Business Advisory services.

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Loan Inquiry

Call, email, or stop in to our office in Barre; we would love to explore whether Community Capital is a good fit for your business.

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Applying for a Loan

In addition to your complete Loan Application and fee, we will need 2 years of personal or business tax returns and a business plan or cash flow projections.

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Closing on a Loan: Disbursement

The closing process is when all of the required loan documents are finalized, signed and exchanged, and you receive your loan funds.

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Post-Loan Advising

Through Community Capital’s Business Advisory Services, we offer post-loan support and the resources to engage other specialists who can help you overcome almost any business issue.

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Repaying Your Loan

We will work together to ensure the success of your business; however, every small business inevitably encounters challenges. If you need help navigating a rough patch, we are here to help.

More About Finalizing Your Business Loan

With your successful application and Community Capital’s loan committee review, we will close on your loan and your business financing will be a reality. We typically hold the loan closing meeting in our Community Capital office in Barre but can make other arrangements when necessary.

What you need to apply for a loan:

  • Complete application 
  • Cover letter
  • Personal (for new businesses) or business (for existing businesses) tax returns
  • Evidence of ownership, or a lease for business location
  • Business plan
  • Cash flow projections and assumptions
  • Other info including proof of insurance, lessor’s acknowledgement from landlord, and municipal compatibility statements

What we need to close on your loan:

  • Payment of closing fees
  • 1% loan origination fee, 2% fee for line of credit
  • $60 for UCC filing fee
  • Copies of permits/licenses
  • Proof of insurance
  • Collateral and applicable documentation
  • Lease agreement or real estate documentation
  • Flood Insurance where applicable
  • Evidence of compatibility of your business with local regulations


Ready to Learn More about How You Can Build a Business with Community Capital of Vermont?

Community Capital loans may be used for working capital, business acquisition, vehicle purchase, equipment purchases and upgrades, inventory, refinancing business debt (including credit card debt), and real estate. Loans may be used for a line of credit for existing businesses with seasonal cash flow needs.

Interest rates, and application and closing fees

All Community Capital borrowers pay fixed interest rates on their loans, throughout the term of the loan. When we review your loan application, we will assign a rate to your loan based upon the level of risk associated with your request. As a non-profit lender with a mission to serve low-to-moderate income entrepreneurs, our Fee Schedule is completely transparent. We encourage you to ask questions!


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Investing in Entrepreneurs Statewide

Community Capital borrowers reflect the fabric of Vermont: authentic, innovative, service-oriented and invested in community.

Women of AllTogetherNow! and a group of children stand in front of their blue van, open to show lots of fresh vegetables

A Success Story: Ellen Leonard and Janice Walrafen, AllTogetherNow!, East Montpelier

AllTogetherNow! is a thriving preschool, art and music center, and provider of popular summer camps under the leadership of directors Ellen Leonard and Janice Walrafen. With a loan from Community Capital, Ellen and Janice are extending the care with which they treat their students and artists to the well-loved, and well-used, facilities that house their business. Along with Ellen and Janice, a staff of seven teachers and dozens of students will take advantage of renewed studio space, cozier classrooms thanks to recommendations from Efficiency Vermont, and much needed renovations to their roof, electrical, and plumbing systems.