As we move into the holiday season, we reflect upon the contributions of all who start and grow small businesses in Vermont.

Small businesses are woven into the fabric of our state’s culture. Creators, doers and makers work in our hills, villages and urban areas with a sense of independence and self-reliance that is a cornerstone of Vermont’s ethic.

Some of Vermont’s entrepreneurs work in intimate communities among neighbors, while others reach globally. They all preserve and grow jobs, support communities and lay the foundation of our rural economy.

Community Capital has invested over $8.8 million in nearly 400 Vermont small businesses since 1995. Over the program’s history, the average loan amount per business has been $20,000.

From employers and employees to the self-employed, Community Capital is thankful for your contributions to Vermont’s economy. Our investment in business, is an investment in you: your ideas, your spirit, your grit. We are proud to support Vermont’s small businesses in making an impact that contributes to the daily lives of all our residents.

Our investment in borrowers is also an investment in Vermont: our vision of our state, how it will grow, and what it will become. Picking up where commercial lenders leave off, 84% of Community Capital’s loans are to women, lower-income individuals, and start-ups.

Our work is built around people. People who work at Community Capital, people who receive financial support, and colleagues and supporters who help sustain us. Creating resources for resilience, we are networked through a web of connections that is unique to each of us.

And so, to our staff – David, Abbey and Leah – and our many borrowers, colleagues and partners, thank you. Thank you for taking on the daily challenges as well as taking time to appreciate your own work. Thank you for helping make Vermont the state we love.

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